MediaCreator MRM is an online B2B Marketing Resource Management platform which enables our customers to effectively manage and customize their marketing and communication assets. Save time and reduce your marketing resources workload. Make your brand easily accessible to the entire organization.

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MediaCreator MRM

For those of you who have a geographically dispersed organization with eg. several offices, retailers, stores, franchisees, etc. MediaCreator MRM  is a good choice as the marketing and communication material can be adapted locally while maintaining control of how your graphic profile is used.


We help customers in both the public and private sectors and in several industries.

Alektum Group
BSH Home Appliances AB


Long experience and innovation with Chili Publisher

We have integrated Chili Publisher technology into out MRM platform since 2012 and have now been assigned a “Spicy Star” from Chili Publish.

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Sign&Print Scandinavia 2019

Read an interview Shai Apeloig gave for the upcoming Sign&Print Scandianvia 2019 fair magazine. I focuses on how we and benefited from incorporating the Chili Publisher technology into our MediaCreator MRM B2B platform and shows some interesting customer cases. Shai Apeloig is our Chief Operating Officer at MediaCreator.

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